Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sorcerer Savant 32point build

Build Name: Sorcerer Savant
Author: DDOBuilds
Last Updated: 17/01/2012


A Self-sufficient Sorcerer with a savant Prestige class.

This is your stock standard sorcerer built as an Ice Savant.
You can change the savant by changing enhancement
around to corresponding element.
Will also include Repair enhancements and general enhancements.
The level 3,6,9 feats are to maximize your nukage via your sla’s
which can be heightened/Empowered/Maximized at no extra cost.
At 18 I took extend but this is an open feat
where you can choose, another good option is quicken.

Stock standard sorcerer played as a nuker with self-healing capabilities.

Sorcerer Savant
Level 20 True Neutral Warforged 
(20 Sorcerer)
Hit Points: 262
Spell Points: 2072

BAB: 10/10/15/20
Fortitude: 11
Reflex: 5
Will: 10

(36 Point)
Str 12
Dex 8
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 6
Cha 16 (All level ups into Cha)

Tomes Used
+2 Tome of Constitution used at level 7
+2 Tome of  Charisma used at level 7

Level Progression:
1-20 Sorcerer

3-Maximize Spell
6-Empower Spell
9-Heighten Spell
12-Spell Focus: Evocation
15-Greater Spell focus: Evocation
18-Extend or Quicken

80(Levels) +20(Heroic) +10(Draconic) +30(GFL) +140(Con)
 +22(Tough) +40(Enh.) =342

Sorcerer Bloodline of Power
Sorcerer Improved Maximizing II
Racial Toughness IV
Sorcerer Water Savant III
Glacial Spellcasting VI
Reconstructive Spellcasting I
Deadly Ice VI
Mighty Reconstruction I
Frost Manipulation VII
Repair Manipulation I
Sorcerer Spell Penetration I
Sorcerer Energy of the Dragonblooded III
Sorcerer Subtle Spellcasting I
Sorcerer Charisma III
Sorcerer Wand and Scroll Mastery I
Warforged Constitution II
Warforged Healer's Friend I
Warforged Inscribed Armor I

Useful Items:
·         Greater Evocation Item
·         Spell point Item
·         Concordant Opposition Green Steel Item
·         Belashyrra’s Scepter of your element
·         If not Balashyrra’s major element lore of your choice
·         Greater false life item
·         Minos legens
·         Health 6 item

Useful Skill points:
You will have 4 skill points to spend per level, choose between the following:
Jump up to 10 max

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